So, I’m trying to get to Japan. That’s all shiny and fun and awesome, and if it’s sometimes a lot of work, that’s totally fine. And tonight I had an interview with one of my programs.

I think it went well. I think I sounded enthusiastic and dedicated, and also intelligent. Full of youthful idealism, maybe, but that’s probably a good thing for a potential teacher.

Privately, however, I am SUPER HARDCORE ANNOYED.

Before I left for New Zealand, I did my best to be Totally Prepared. I got together my entire application for JET, I wrote emails, I tried to make sure everything was set for my time away so I didn’t have to futz with things from across the Goddamn World. Including, incidentally, emailing the people at Interac to make sure they’d have everything they needed, in the event that I kept passing their hurdles.

Me, via email: Do you guys need anything? References, transcripts, firstborn, etc?
Interac: Hm. Fill out this form. And write this statement of purpose.
Me: Awesome! So I guess you don’t need anything else then, right? No references, transcripts, or babies?
Interac: Thanks for that form, laterz!

*insert wavy lines of several weeks later*

Interac Interviewer: So, should you pass this interview process, you have a group meeting thing. And then you have another interview, which is basically all these same questions again, only more. Oh, and the people in Tokyo? They’re going to need a photocopy of your diploma. Also, your transcripts.
Me: *stifles annoyances for duration of phone interview* …can I get that address?

What Interac apparently FAILS TO APPRECIATE, is that Oberlin can’t send off my transcripts without a) 5 USD (which I’m lacking at the moment, being IN NZ) and b) my signature, in writing. Which means, that unless I BRILLIANTLY remembered to pack my extra copy of my Official Transcript with my various bits to New Zealand, I have to mail them a letter across the wide, wide oceans, wait for them to slack off in the registrar’s office for a week, and then wait for it to sail all the way back across the world to Japan.

If I didn’t pack it, I have No Goddamn Clue where in my room it is. Which doesn’t sound like much of a hardship for my parents to go ransacking through, except that there are three solidly packed containers full of clothing and bits beneath my bed, plus a couple of other boxes, and it might be ANYWHERE. Mailing that letter to Oberlin again really would be a faster and easier option.

I have time. This really isn’t an insurmountable disaster or anything. It’s just … I asked, damnit! I specifically said I’ll be away. It would be much better if I could organize things before I left. Is there anything you might need? Anything at all? And all they gave me was forms. They are making my life harder, and geez, like setting up a brand new life in New Zealand isn’t tricky enough already without this stupid shit to muck things up.