I have an interview tonight, for Japan. A phone interview.

Which is dumb! I’m in Auckland! Why can’t I meet this Interac guy in person where I can dress like a professional and act super polite and sit up straight and look him/her straight in the eye and shake hands firmly etc etc? How am I supposed to wow them with my Awesome Professional Demeanor when I’m talking to them over the phone?


In other news, I have hangars. And also a $6 bottle of wine (FTW!) and some slightly dodgy barbequed pork buns from my Super Discount Asian Food Store. Delicious!

My new place is really close by to the Grey Lynn public library branch. Which is great. Also, because I was very precisely honest while simultaneously not offering information they didn’t ask for, I have a free membership! (Qualifications: visa longer than 6 months. Intent to stay that long not inquired about.)

Apparently I’m also close to the zoo. I’m thinking of going. Like, tomorrow. Or maybe today.