I need a list of Shit To Do In Auckland Which Is Free.

Other than wander through parks, because srsly, there is only so much time I can spend bonding with dandelions. Also other than shopping, because see above re: FREE.

It’s not like I can’t afford do anything that charges money. I just … well. I don’t like spending $20 on something which is only like 3 hours entertainment. Maybe if I had a job, I’d feel better about that? No, probably not. Even when I have zero expenses besides, I dunno, candy, I’ve never liked paying for my entertainment.

Today was beautiful and sunny. I sat in the park, read a (shitty) book, (god, seriously, so awful) and watched Kiwis play some sort of esoteric game. It involved two people with funky, maybe triangular bats, and a bunch of outfielder-types who… stood around? And waited for the ball to come to them. For no reason I could ascertain, sometimes batters would switch out, sometimes pitchers would switch out, and also, they were all wearing sarongs like skirts. Sometimes this was over shorts, and sometimes I think they were maybe bathtowels coopted for the purpose.

It might, I suppose, have been some sort of cricket? Except I thought that involved mallets, or possibly flamingos. Maybe that’s croquet. I honestly don’t know what the difference is. Whatever, they were all very good natured and clearly amateur, because some of them had about as much skill with their funky bats as I would have.