By which I mean, he showed up! At 9:30 when I said 9! He was so on time, it was exciting!

Then, he fixed the disposal in about thirty seconds. Apparently, I should have asked my dad about stuff that might need fixing, because it turns out there is a reset button on disposals! I DID NOT KNOW THIS. And there is a wrench thing, and you make sure the blades are turning and then you press the red reset button and then your disposal is fixed!


Now, my landlord did ask me about a reset button, but it was in the context of my saying “and the test/reset button on the outlet didn’t fix anything, and neither did the circuit breaker!” and I told him that there was no reset button dedicated to the disposal. It turns out that there is, and it’s located on the bottom of the disposal itself, and I just didn’t know it was there.

Hopefully I won’t be charged for this visit.