I’m answering questions today for the yearbook at one of my schools. I did this before break at the other school – they’re simple questions, like favorite food, or what would I do with a month’s vacation.

It’s funny actually. Some of it is clearly supposed to be wish fulfillment. Like, OMG, nobody gets a month’s vacation, you only ever get a few days! What on earth would you do if you had all that time??!?

To which I respond: Um. I had that, this summer. So, okay, more of the same? More travelling, yes!

At this school, they’ve also asked what I like about the students, and what my favorite lunch is, and finally: if I was a student again for one day, what would I do?

Which I guess is another one of those wish fulfillment things: as a student I wouldn’t have to worry about money, or work along hours, or cook for myself, or do anything serious (especially if it was only for one day, and I didn’t have to think about The Future). BUT. Um. That is basically my life anyway. Like, I just don’t worry about money. I’m not a profligate spender or anything, but if I really want something I go ahead and buy it. I never worry about money for food or paying the bills. I don’t have to cook for anybody but me – and if I don’t want to cook for me, I can go out to eat. I’ve just come off a long vacation where I didn’t work at all, so even the absence of work isn’t that much of a treat: sometimes it seems like I hardly work at all for this job. (Case in point: I can write this post while at school, though I won’t be posting until later.)

There is absolutely nothing I want to go back to about junior high, with the possible exception of seeing Liverpool again. But I’d really rather do that as an adult.

So much for the dream of childhood. I guess I’ve got everything I need right now.