And about time! I feel like I’ve been talking about this book forever, and I swear I’m almost done, except to say that the final essay, printed originally in The Atlantic, had awesome formatting – it didn’t have footnotes, it had arrows pointing to outlined boxes.

Now, I confess, it was initially kind of confusing, and there is really no reason for it whatsoever except that some of his asides were kind of long, and primarily editorial rather than clarifying, but it was certainly different and fun.

I finished it this morning, on my train ride to Osaka – which was a bit delayed, actually, as I couldn’t seem to shift my lazy ass out of bed before 8am, and then I was moving at a pace which was awfully slothlike and I ended up missing the 8:50 train by about 10 minutes. (This is very standard for me and trains, to the point where sometimes I just don’t bother to look up the train times at all and trust that I’ll make it to my destinatio sooner or later.)

Which, sure enough, I did! I had all these lofty plans where I would take the 8:50 train out of Kosugi at the latest, which would get me to Osaka by 11am again, at the latest, but all that got thrown out of whack and I ended up rolling into town around 1pm.

Osaka is a lot warmer than I anticipated, actually, to the point where I am almost comically overdressed. I came with an undershirt and a shirt and a light sweater and my coat, with a scarf and a thick hat, and an additional oversized sweater tied to the strap of my backpack by its arms. No sooner did I exit Osaka Station, though, but I realized that even the coat was overkill, so I wandered around this afternoon carrying two (small!) bags and with an extra sweater, a scarf, and a coat hanging off my person. I’ll be leaving some of that here tomorrow.

I got sort of ridiculously lost on my way to the hostel, but with the help of some ladies from Malasia who were wandering around with giant suitcases (and who I rightfully guessed were on their way to the same hostel) I managed to find my way here.

For dinner, I found a nice, relaxing bar – American, but I have been craving burgers, and not the kind that come from McD’s. So I had a burger, and some wine (cheap drinks before 9pm!), and because my wine came first and I did not eat lunch today, there was a short period wherein I was forcibly reminded that relatively small people and/or cheap drunks should probably not drink on empty stomachs.

But then food came, so it all worked out without any problems.