So I’m borrowing my friend’s oven while she’s away in Korea, which is generally awesome. The very first night I made baked miso chicken and roasted potatoes. It took a while, because there is only one rack so I could only do one thing at a time, but they were DELICIOUS.

But today I made chocolate chip cookies, and they were a little trickier. For one thing, there isn’t quite enough chocolate – Japan just doesn’t have big bags of Tollhouse, and some of their chocolate here isn’t exactly delicious, so I bought little bites of bittersweet and chopped them up to make my own chunks. For another, the stove doesn’t do the whole “preheat” thing, and also doesn’t retain heat that well. So I couldn’t keep it at a steady 375 – especially because, sort of like a microwave, every time I opened it it would turn off. (And immediately start shedding heat.)

The first batch got cooked waaay too long, and also I sort of got distracted watching The Incredibles, and one thing led to another and they sort of turned into lumps of charcoal. (By “batch” here I obviously mean “the first set of cookies I dropped on the sheet” which was only about 6. When I say the oven is small? I mean it is small.)

The second batch went a lot better, and also was 8 cookies instead of six, because I decided that would work. The stove doesn’t cook very evenly though, and more heat comes through the bottom than from the top, so the edges of the cookies and the bottoms are crispier than the center top which is still a pal yellow. (Also, possibly my measuring cup is off or possibly the amount of butter I added was a little much because they are more crispy than chewy even with the slight undercooked-ness in parts, and the baking powder I substituted for soda didn’t … quite make them rise as much as I hoped.)

Which is a longwinded way of saying that I have a bunch of cookies I wouldn’t mind sharing with other people, and nobody to share them with, and also that I clearly have more baking to do so I can get this RIGHT. Yay!