(Especially when you don’t actually share a language, and therefore cannot understand their bitching and their crying. This way they’re just funny, and when they’re unhappy you hand them back to their Real Teacher. AWESOME!)

I had the 2nd years yesterday, and we played a very good game. We were doing numbers, and time – numbers 1-12, which they mostly had down in groups but were shaky on individually, and the phrases “what time is it” and “it’s ~o’clock.”

Anyway, the game is the Mr. Wolf game:

Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?
It’s 2 o’clock!
Students take two steps forward, repeat.
Mr. Wolf, Mr. Wolf, what time is it?
It’s 12 o’clock!
Students all run back to safe to avoid the hungry wolf.

Anyway, I started out as Miss Wolf, and when they’re all little like that they’re both easy to catch, and it’s easy to actually grab them up an spin them around rather than just tagging them, which is boring.

This totally violates my instructions to NEVER TOUCH THE STUDENTS EVER. But frankly, that got violated the first time I gave them high-fives, and also, the Japanese teachers have no compunction whatsoever about physically grabbing the kids. (Which, really, is completely necessary with elementary school kids to restrain them when they go CRAAAZY. Which of course they do, with reasonable regularity.)

Anyway, other peoples kids for whom I bear zero emotional responsibility = AWESOME!