Next Wednesday, I have to teach for 50 minutes about poetry to Japanese 9th graders. Their English is .. minimal. My teacher wants me to come up with some poems that I can explain to the kids, and a worksheet. I’m sure I’ll be able to handle the worksheet, but … okay, my taste in poetry runs to stuff that’s clever with words. I’m not that big a poetry fan, but I AM a huge fan of good words.

That’s a problem, because the kids… don’t know enough to have fun or even understand something that’s clever with words and sentence structure. I think I can explain rhyming to them (Japanese poetry doesn’t rhyme) and rhyming patterns (abab, aabbcc, blahblahblah) maybe even limericks – but i’d need a good, non-filthy limerick with which to do it. a CLEAN one. (all my limericks start with “there was a young man from Nantucket….” which is the wrong tone, really.)

so, help?