Aww. The Japanese announcers get so endearingly excited when the Japanese contestants finish first. (Kitajima Kosuke just finished the men’s 100 breaststroke.) They were SHOUTING in the background. Cute!

And now Kitajima is very endearingly emotional about his win. Aww, he’s crying with joy!

ALSO, can I just say that I adore the design for a lot of the stuff? The podium, for example, is very modern, but it’s gorgeous. The main stadium looks very nice from the outside. The … okay, showgirls is wrong, but they hold the medals and the flowers and they show people where to stand? THEM. They have really beautiful dresses on, it’s clearly a uniform but it’s doesn’t look anything like an airline stewardess (always a risk with uniforms) and it’s got some traditional elements to it, with the mandarine collars, without being old fashioned either. Beijing is doing a great job of being modern without being utterly Western, of incorporating traditional elements without looking … well, overly traditional. GO BEIJING DESIGN COMMITTEE. for realz.