I’m at the elementary school all day today and tomorrow. This is part awesome, and part exhausting. I have five classes each day, and unlike at the Junior High, where I often play the role of Tape Recorder, at the Elementary School I have to actually work.

On the other hand, at this particular school, they have fun lessons with games already planned out, none of them are stupid like some of the Interac plans are, and they pick out all the flashcards for me at the beginning. So the teacher will say “okay, animals today, game?” and I’ll say “ah, okay, race game, we’ll put the flashcards on the board, and they’ll run to smack the animal flashcard.”

Of course, the elementary school teachers have very little English, so this is usually conveyed by means of clever charades. It works.

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about, is the school. It’s covered with student art, specifically, student self portraits. And they’re awesome. I’m not saying they’re Great Art, because, well, they’re pretty much not. This is completely made up for by the fact that every single student has painted themselves BRUSHING THEIR TEETH. They’re pulling silly faces, and have their mouths open super wide; sometimes they’re grimacing and crossing their eyes. These pictures are so entertaining, and so much better than bland smiling drawings.