Two Wednesdays ago, I accidentally skipped cooking class. (I totally forgot about it.) But instead, I spent two hours holding a boom mike for a friend who’s making a movie – he’s really into it, he owns mikes and a serious tripod and a serious video camera, and lights and shit. Anyway, he’s making a movie, and I helped. Then we all went out for Indian food, and it was DELICIOUS.

That weekend was the fourth and my birthday, which was also a good time. I wanted to do something cool for the fourth, like go out drinking and sing karaoke or something, but basically neither of my friends had money to spend, so we ended up buying drinks from the combini and drinking them at my apartment. One of my friends is within walking/biking distance, so she got home fine, and my other friend is far away, so we had another sleepover. My AC doesn’t seem to be as efficient as hers, so we were hot, but it worked out. Then we went shopping – we sort of mosied all over, though we didn’t actually get to AEON, my ultimate goal, because I got sick of shopping. (I wanted to buy my hiking boots, (thanks again, gramma!) for Fuji, but I ended up doing that later in the week.) On Sunday, my actual birthday, I basically mooched around all day, and slept a ridiculous amount.

On Monday, I spent the afternoon with my Jr High “volunteering” to clean up the riverbanks. It was kind of cool, in that all the kids were out, and a whole bunch of old people were out, working together, making their neighborhood nicer. Several were concerned that I, pale freak that I am, would burn, but I assured them that I have nuclear strength sunscreen (70 SPF FTW) and indeed, I was fine. My kids made fun of me for my sunglasses, which was kind of funny, considering some of the crazy hats people were wearing.

Later in the week, I did get to AEON, and I got the boots, a backpack, and THE most comfortable socks ever. (Kind of ridiculously expensive, for all that they were the cheapest ones there: $10 for one pair is crazy, but they were thick, warm, cushiony ‘hiking socks’ – I wondered if I was getting ripped off, until I wore them with the boots.)

These boots are SO WEIRD, btw. It’s like armor for my feet. I mean, I get that that’s the point, but I’m so used to heels, and Birks, and flipflops, and ballet flats… I feel like bigfoot clomping all over the place in these things.

Yesterday, Saturday, I once again didn’t do anything – okay, I hardcore grocery shopped, but that’s it – but today I have a bbq to go to, sort of right now. I’m bringing chicken for me, and sliced watermelon to share. (My container won’t fit more than half the watermelon I bought, so I have a HUGE AMOUNT of delicious watermelon left over for MEMEME. AWESOME.)