I did more stuff this weekend!

A few weeks ago, I went out for lunch with one of the ALTs (Lu) and a young Japanese woman she knows. We three – and another ALT in Toyama – are going to climb Mt. Fuji together. On Saturday, we went out for dinner and drinks in Takaoka, and had a fantastic time. K, the Japanese woman, speaks very reasonable English, because she works at an English academy. We went to a very traditional style Japanese restaurant – no chairs, only tatami mats and cushions, a low table, lots of small dishes that got shared. We had K order the food, and surprise us. Everything was delicious.

After dinner, we went to a convenience store and purchased some drinks, which we took back to K’s house. (She has a very nice house that she shares with her brother and parents, despite being at least 27, but that seems common here. She also had extra futons and blankets for us, because nobody could drive home after drinking. This was planned.)

Actually, I was reminded of how very, very seriously Japan takes drinking-and-driving on Saturday. I knew they had a BAC limit of absolutely zero, but apparently the fine is 1M yen. Yes, that’s right. $10,000 for one offense.

Part of me thinks we should instate that kind of fine in America.

Anyway, the JET from Toyama was somebody I hadn’t seen since April, and it was nice to see her again. Sadly, she’s leaving in August, so after climbing Mt. Fuji she won’t be around. Lu, who lives much closer to me and who goes to my cooking class, is sticking around – in fact, she might stay for kind of a while.

Before we went out to dinner, Lu and I met some other people at a pottery place – for a small fee, you can spent the afternoon trying to make objects out of a block of clay. There’s an assistant who helps you make your stuff look nice, if you need assistance. You specify the glazing color you want, and in about a month you can pick it up. I was sort of sad that I couldn’t actually do the glazing myself, because there are neat effects when you mix colors, but … that’s how it works.

I made three things – a cup, a bowl that is “deliberately” misshapen, and a vase. (They all look pretty awful. But I could use a vase. And it was fun.)

Actually, one of the people we met there was from.. I forget where, far away, but she was a fellow American, and we bullshitted about our pieces, because we were both really really crap. Our ‘designs’ were “abstract representations” or, after we accidentally fucked up something that was almost successful, “a deliberate deconstruction of the bowl-concept,” etc, etc.

I haven’t talked like that for a while. Oh, lit classes. No, I really don’t miss you.

On Sunday, I hung out at home – I watched some stuff online, I played some Zelda, I cooked. It was pouring for most of the day, so it didn’t feel like a waste.

I think I’ll go back to the pottery place again sometime. It was a lot of fun.