So, you know what it’s like when you sort of want something, but it’s expensive, so you don’t let yourself consider it? And then it goes on SALE, and it’s still expensive but within the realms of acceptability and you think to yourself I can have this!!! and you let yourself picture the JOY and RAPTURE that will come from introducing this item into your life. And that vision is good. And you march yourself to the cash register full of happiness. Only to discover that it’s not actually on sale (note: this is easier to do when signs are written in a language you do not read, but possible even when you can), that the sign meant something else / referred to something else entirely. But now you want it, you really really want it, and you have to decide whether you’re going to sacrifice your imagined future of joy or whether you’re going to suck it up and buy the damn thing anyway even though you really didn’t want to spend that money?

So, yeah, that sucks. Also, I have a rice cooker now.