But that really won’t be addressed in this post. (Yeah, maybe tomorrow?)

Okay, so it’s going to get partially addressed. I went to Kanazawa today. Pictures of culturally important artifacts to come later. Now? it’s time for Cute Cats.

So approximately 8 million years ago (read: my graduation) I was in the Hideously Overpriced Ginko Gallery at Oberlin. “HO” is of course my own appellation, I’m sure the owner would not appreciate the new name. Tangentially, the GG is ALSO full of Cute Cats of the live variety. I hope the current students understand the incredible value of having Cute Cats available during Finals Week.

Anyway, in GG there was a really awesome thing which I did not buy because it was Hideously Overpriced (SURPRISE!) but which I later sort of wished I had, because of the aforementioned AWESOME.

It was a chopstick rest shaped like a cat. The cat was lying on it’s back, belly ready for chopstick placement, paws upraised to ATTACK said chopsticks.

It was like $15, because of course it was Hand Made Art. As shortly as a week ago, I debated emailing the GG to ask if they had any clue what the hell I was talking about and if by miraculous chance there were any left, and to ask if they could take my credit card number and mail one to Florida.

Fortunately, this isn’t necessary. I found a suitable replacement in Kanazawa. For 650Y even.

(I confess. At first, i thought it was just one of those Cute Japanese Cat figurines, because Japan is filled with Useless Cute Things. And I bought it anyway with the intention of misappropriating it for a real purpose. But then I found it at another souvenir shop with an actual label, and the Japanese also feel that it would make an excellent chopstick rest.)

Here it is!

Hashioki of Cute!