My lunch isn’t really delicious today. Japanese school lunches are sort of hit-or-miss: sometimes, they’re AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS, and then sometimes… I really don’t want much of any of it. It’s huge – there’s always a protein, a carbohydrate, a soup, and a vegetable, along with a bottle of milk.

The carb is usually rice or sometimes bread, and basically always fine. Today, it’s got seaweed mixed in, and is the only delicious item I have. The vegetable often has some sort of pickle involved, but … is usually surprisingly tasty. The protein is a little iffier – sometimes, it’s great. Chicken or fish usually. But then again, sometimes it’s WHOLE fish, or it’s weird fried composite fish stick things, and .. then it’s not so delicious. Today, it’s one mostly whole fish, though it doesn’t have a head or a tail, with a weird, mushy consistency. It’s still got, y’know, bones in.

The soup can be very good, or mediocre, or awful, depending on the day. Usually It’s somewhere between very good and mediocre. It’s rare that it’s truly bad. (Lucky me today, striking out on SO MANY of the lunch pieces. *sigh*)

On the plus side, I got a couple fresh strawberries! Tasty!

It doesn’t seem to be a problem if I don’t eat it. There’s often stuff left over, or set to the side, on the cart. I feel sort of bad today though – usually I eat a bit more. I think I’m going to say that I woke up early this morning and actually ate breakfast for a change. Then I’m not eating because I’m full not because I hate it.