And it won’t be fixed until AT LEAST Saturday or Sunday. (They told me not to call again until Sunday.) This is what I was going to post Tuesday night, except I didn’t get to. Yay!

Okay. Teaching is going a lot better than anticipated. The kids seem torn between “oh, wow. she’s so lame. *eyerolls*” and “… but also sort of a rockstar!”

Fortunately, the divide seems to be, y’know, that class work is lame, and that I PERSONALLY am a rockstar. Which means that hopefully, even when my class projects and games are seriously, exceedingly lame, they’ll at least pretend to care.

This mostly worked on Monday. We played an stupid awesome board game, and … I don’t know that they were actually taking any English away from the game, but they were laughing and rolling dice. So: WINS. \o/

I’ve got two games planned for next week. One, I actually planned last week for the other school, and the other I came up with today. I have two not because I think I need that much time – the teachers almost always only give me a part of the lesson, because they have a bunch of other points to get through. Instead, I have two because the teacher doesn’t know what we’ll be doing next Monday – she’s working with a new book, and she doesn’t know how quickly she’s going to be going. So I took the next two talking points (turning “I verb” into “I was verb-ing” and turning “Noun is adjective” into “noun looks adjective”) just in case the class gets a little further along.

Of course, if they’re past “noun looks adjective” then.. I have nothing prepped. Whatev’s.

I have a holiday next week! Showa Day. I have to figure out what it’s for – see if there’s some sort of festival I should be going to. If not… I might try to go into Toyama. Fun!

Minor irritant: there’s a teacher here who regards my desk as a extension of his own. Every time I come in (okay, twice a week, but still) there’s stuff all over it. And he doesn’t actually take it away while I’m here. So if I get in before he does or while he’s away, I just sort of … shift it to the corner. Anyway, I mostly don’t need the space, and there are definitely times when he maybe thinks he’s crowding me or something because suddenly (at like, 11am) he’ll get all flustery and say “ah! gomen, gomen” and start picking his shit up and getting it out of the way.

I just pile my stuff on top of his, or pile his all together in the corners, and generally ignore it. It’s really just that part of me keeps thinking, *eyeroll* every other teacher gets one desk, shy do you feel justified in refusing to contain your SPRAWL?

The weather is nice lately. It’s not raining, it’s sunny, and if you’re out of the wind it’s actually warm! \o/

I must add now, of course, that Leo-Palace internet service sucks, and that I’ll be only intermittently available, but I’ll be able to check mail again tomorrow at school occasionally. So, if I don’t get back to you about something, this is why!