I am very much not excited by the next three days. I am at one of my schools, but I have no classes at all. Instead, I have to spend all day preparing for the series of lessons in which I introduce myself.

The problem is, I really already did that. On Monday. I drew pictures, I made up a worksheet, I made a flashcard for the word “knitting” which is sort of an esoteric word to be learning the first year or so of language study, and when I flip it over it says “amimono” on the back in hiragana.

Basically, I’m doing the same speech in every class, and I’m giving the worksheet to the second and third years because the first years are still learning the alphabet.

But the point is, now I have nothing to do omg. For the next three days.

So this morning, I started exploring my desk, ripping up useless old paper to use for scratch paper, and going through everything.

And that took, oh, all of an hour and a half.

I made up a second worksheet, just for kicks. I asked my Japanese teacher of the questions were too complicated – one was, apparently even the third years haven’t learned negative sentence construction. One of my questions was “Where has she NOT travelled?” but now I’ve changed that one.

I’m DONE. But its only … 10:30am on Wednesday, and I’ve still got all of Thursday and Friday to get through.

D: D: D:

In other news: driving isn’t so bad. I’m not (so far) having trouble with which side of the road I’m on. There is one thing that drives me absolutely batshit though: they’ve flipped the turn signal / windshield wiper controls. I keep turning on my wipers when I make turns or change lanes, which of course means I’m distracted, because instead of thinking “Okay, turning, turning, stay on the left, turning…” I’m thinking “Turning, turning, tur-OMGWTF WIPERS??!?-oh, right, turn, WAIT, stay on the LEFT, don’t hit the OTHER CAR!” and suddenly it’s not nearly so … smooth.