I’m not entirely sure when I turned into a moron, but somewhere along the way, I did.

By which I mean: I forgot things. Like a guidebook. Or a Japanese-to-English dictionary.

I did not forget my camera, or my contacts case, though I thought I had for a moment. So that’s okay.

In other news: I survived my flight, with reasonable ease, though Continental has really crappy entertainment – two movies, on repeat, two or three episodes of CSI, on repeat, Looney Tunes, and crappy sitcoms. And some weird “Museums of the world” show. Also, the movies were both … not movies I wanted to see: Enchanted, and Becoming Jane.

Whatever. I slept. Tried not to die when my ears didn’t want to adjust to the change in pressure when we were descending (both flights, actually, and hey, that hurts a lot). And now I’m in Tokyo, and I’m about to go … explore. Camera in hand!