I’m buying a ticket right now for the bus down to Wellington – I’m taking the overnight bus, and then I’ll take the morning ferry across to Picton. awesome!

I may or may not rent a car while I’m on the south island. My landlady has said that I can leave some things here – so I’ve packed them all up, and I’m going to leave two bags here – my big bag, and my little carryon. This way I can take a bit more with me than what would fit in just the carry on, without dragging everything.

Driving all the way was the original plan. Then I discovered that driving a car across the ferry from Wellington to Picton was $150 each way, and decided that between the ferry and the petrol, driving down the North Island – which I’ve already seen a lot of, anyway – was just a bad idea.

Like I said, once I get to Picton, I might pick up a car there.

I’ve got my book with me, and my computer, and really? This is going to be SO AWESOME.