It’s been brought to my attention that I should, y’know, update. So, here we go! It’s been a while, and I’ve been having fun.

My job is going really well. The money is good, the people are friendly, and if the work is a bit boring and the rooms could use some more air conditioning well… that’s life. I get to meet and be friendly to lots of total strangers (receptionist) and browse people’s CVs as I reformat them. I think I may be typing just a bit faster than I was, too – I do a lot of re-typing of CVs that have been sent to us in .pdf format or that only exist as printouts. That’s sort of relaxingly mindless.

A couple weeks ago we had a long weekend – the Monday was Auckland Anniversary Day, or something. I celebrated by going over to the Coromandel Peninsula which, it turns out, is incredibly beautiful. I got hideously sunburned, but I had a fantastic time.

I also discovered that Mom: I owe you an apology. I never fully appreciated the agony you felt with your itching. I think if itches in terms of bugbites other ultimately ignorable terms. If your skin itches anything like mine did on Tuesday, there’s nothing ignorable about it. The skin all over my back was at that sunburn stage of “Hurts a little if I twist a lot, isn’t peeling yet” and I foolishly grabbed the little bottle of lotion that doesn’t have aloe but does have a lot of stupid perfume.

I had to take a second shower. And then at work (because I still didn’t have aloe, and now my back was actively itching rather than having a passive potential for itching) it was so bad that I could barely think – I ended up getting one of my coworkers to sit at the reception desk while I ran down to the nearest chemist and bought some Solarcain. Which worked, slowly, or at least allowed me to leave my back alone long enough that the itching mostly went away.

Incidentally, mom, you might consider Solarcain for your arm: I know burns aren’t the problem, but it does have a topical anaesthetic in it and it might numb the itch enough for you.

In non-burn-related news, I was invited to interview with the JET Programme. This is awesome, but also mildly irritating as I can’t actually do it. I’d have to go back to Florida, and anyway, by the time I heard back from them I’d have already been teaching in Japan for Interac for oh, 3 months or so. It’s nice to know, though, that they liked me enough to offer the interview.