So, I won’t be going up to Kerikeri for Christmas.  Dad, feel free to attempt chat on Christmas day! 

(Theoretically, I was supposed to have left an hour ago.  I got a call saying “Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow morning! I’ll call you when we figure it out!” at 7pm, and just now I got a call saying that, there was no room for me in the booked hotel room.  Which, okay, I thought we’d be at the family home, but whatever.  I’m slightly off the hook here, though, because Boy implied over the phone that he’d gotten me a Christmas gift, unless I misheard, and hey, I didn’t think we were that level of friend yet.  I mean, I baked cookies because I thought we were staying at his parents’ house and I needed a Thank You For Letting Me Crash Your Christmas gift, but that’s … different.  That’s, y’know, having good manners.)