So I was looking on the public transit site for ways to get from my home, to one of the branch libraries.  They charge for requests here, so mostly I figure it’s smarter just to go to the library that has the book I want, assuming the Central branch doesn’t have a copy.  This particular branch is a bit of a hike though, on foot, so: public transit.

Anyway, the site, which is pretty awesome, allows you to pick route options based on convenience, speed, and low fare. Since I’m not against walking a bit, I picked low fare.

And what is the first result that comes up?

The suggestion that I walk the whole way.

They provide a map of the walk, and the following useful information: time, 56 minutes, fare: $0.

I mean, the bus route is kind of awkward. I probably will end up walking the whole 3.5KM. Just, hey, Maxx Transit Journey Planner people? You seem a touch unclear on the concept.