There is absolutely zero chance I will ever move to New Zealand for good. This is because things here are ridiculously overpriced. By which I mean: BOOKS. Now, I understand that books in America are pretty cheap – mass market paperbacks are only about $7-9 new. (Trade paperbacks are more expensive, which I think is bullshit, but they are nicer.) Which logically would translate into about $10-12 NZ. Right? Sounds good to me. But they don’t print them in country, so they’re all imported. Well, I would believe that it costs, say, $2-3 to ship a book over, when you’re shipping them in very large quantities. And I’m willing to give them a little bit of profit there, so if they charged $15-18 for a new book, I would understand. I’d be a bit grumpy about prices, but I’d understand.

That is not what they charge.

Mass market paperbacks do not sell, new, for under $24. (Except for the pile of “These didn’t sell, please take them off our hands for $5” books. But those are all really really awful looking.)

And it’s not like I’m looking to build my book collection over here. It just offends me that they make books so incredibly unaffordable. Yes, this is what libraries are for. It just … sucks.

And hence, I will not move to NZ.