I need a cat timeshare. Nothing major – just somebody with a friendly cat who will let me borrow it for, y’know, an hour. Or hang out at their place and snuggle.

I hadn’t realized how much I was used to having cats again – since last March, really, when the Ginko Gallery picked up the first batch of stray kittens – until Saturday. I’d overestimated how far away my interview would be, and I ended up sitting by the bay watching the ocean. And then suddenly there was a stray chocolate brown cat, surprisingly sturdy and clean so maybe just a wandering pet. And, well, cat. So I clucked at it, like you do when you want a cat to like you, and it immediately came over and started twining around my legs and hopping up on the bench and generally acting like I was its new best friend.

We hung out for like 20 minutes. Also, we probably looked pretty funny: affectionate cat + extremely well dressed girl at 9am on a Saturday, chillin’ by the bay. (I was .. overdressed, for the occasion, in my red ribbon-y blouse, black pencil skirt, black backseam stockings, and black pumps. Kiwis, it turns out, are pretty casual.) I wish I had a picture.

Also, I wish I had rights to a cat.