So today, I sort of worked without getting paid. Which is to say, I stood behind a guy named Soren while he pitched these movie cards at people, and did my best to look sincere and interested and like I thought they really should buy this. Also, to not be distracted by adorable children or pets. (Side Note: Manly, Auckland has an extraordinary number of cats. The last time I saw so many cats about, I was in Rome.)

It went pretty well. I think Soren sold about 11 cards. We probably stopped at 65 houses, which isn’t a bad percentage, I suppose. Extra walking though – we walked the circuit 3 times to hit the people who weren’t home. Given that we started at about 1:30, and continued until 8pm, that’s one hell of a lot of walking.

Dad, you’ll be reassured to know that I don’t have to put any money into it upfront. So I can quit whenever I want – though of course, if I quit in the middle of a day I’m stranded in the suburbs of Auckland. I don’t have to take public transit out there – people carpool out, 3 or so to a car, because we wander all over greater Auckland, apparently. (I was further out from the city today than I’ve been so far, which was kind of cool. It was a pretty nice neighborhood – small houses, not always with lawns, but usually well kept and I would guess that most of them own the houses rather than renting.)

It really is a lot of walking though. I’m going to have to work hard on breaking in my patent black ballet flats, to give my feet an occasional break from my birks.

I’m not really sure how I feel about this job. But the way I see it is, I get paid in cash. If it’s a disaster, it’s not like I have to stop looking at other jobs. I was already willing to, say, sit in an office all day stuffing envelopes or something else equally horrid as temp work – walking around in the sunshine instead hardly seems like a hardship. (Though I will really, really have to remember sunscreen.) And in the event that they get pissed off at me for deciding to ditch out early, I really don’t have to list them on my resume or as a reference – I’m on a working holiday, I’m sure potential employers would not be at all doubtful if I claimed to have been traveling ’round New Zealand a bit, or even just on general vacation in Auckland. So I have nothing to lose, and cash to earn.

In other news, I’m going tomorrow to volunteer at the theatre – just data entry work, really, and again with a giant lack of getting paid, but whatever. I offered to help them out, and it’s not exactly going to be a hardship to sit in their office, do some photocopying or whatever, and chat with the theatre people. They also have some potential opportunities later in the season – or rather, at the beginning of the season in January/February, and volunteering now shows dedication and interest and keeps me in mind for future (possibly with money attached) jobs.

Completely unrelated to work: today was gorgeous: sunny, warm – probably 75 degrees – low humidity. It’s like southern California, only without the forest fires. Also, Auckland really, really is beautiful.