I looked awesome for my interview.  I was totally the best dressed person there – black suit, scoopy necked blue top, black hose, black heels.

That last is the cause of the giant moron claim.

See, I did a bunch of walking yesterday, and I had a blister on the bottom of my foot. So this morning I put a bandaid over my blister, and also over the really rough spot on my heel that I thought might actually run my tights if I was unlucky, and went off to have an interview. (More about that later.)

Now I have GIANT NEW BLISTERS on both pinky toes, from walking in my heels, because I forgot preventative bandaids. *ow*

Okay, but the Job. Sort of exciting, not quite what I expected. They said “Sales and Marketing” and they really mean “Door to Door.” Now, the one thing so far I know about that they sell doesn’t seem like a bad deal – I’m not sure how they swung it, but it doesn’t. It’s a card, good for 8 months, costing $40, that gets you cheaper movie tickets ($10 instead of $15) ($15 for a movie OMG so expensive, clearly I will not be seeing any movies.) and also comes with .. I dunno, a couple freebee tickets and a couple freebee popcorns.

Obviously, it was being described by a salesman, so of course it sounds reasonable to me. Whatever, I’m not planning on buying one.

Work would be 11-8pm, missing all traffic.
Potential to earn lots of money.
Young group of people – seem pretty interesting.
Potential to actually make friends.
Have offices/establishments throughout NZ, if they like me would be happy to transfer me to another location if I wanted to say, move to Christchurch. (Probably I don’t. But if I did, they’d give me a job.)

Work on commission – $10 per card sold.
Lots of walking.
(Low) potential of hideous death if I walk up to the wrong door. (Extremely unlikely.)
My black patent ballet flats – the only flat semi formal shoe I have here – are less comfortable than anticipated / not yet broken in.