The last couple days – or, well, FRIDAY – was busy. I woke up incredibly early on Friday – 5am – so that I could catch a train over to Henderson. Henderson is a suburb of Auckland, and I was going there because I had a job! Just for the day, but any legally acquired money is good money.

This was a super awesome job. For all that I had to be up at Obscene O’Clock, I really really want them to call me again. I was working as an extra, for a television show called Shortland Street. It seems to be some sort of soap opera, involving a hospital. I had four appearances.

#1: patient on bed, face away from camera
#2: patient on gurney, with head wound (extra points for fake-bloody hand!)
#3: patient talking to nurse in waiting room (high potential for visible face = even more points)
#4: patient reading magazine in waiting room

Aside from a few minor drawbacks, it was AWESOME.
(Drawbacks = FREEZING COLD in studio, and lots of boring downtime while they rehearsed.)

Anyway, I had a great time. Then I got back to the hostel, and had to put my stuff together to move over to my BRAND NEW HOME.

As it turns out, the first couple nights there were slightly less awesome than anticipated. First, the room I was supposed to have wasn’t ready yet, so they put me in one with a bigger bed. Which would have been fine, but I bought my own linens on the cheap in preparation for a place that fell through, and of course they fit a twin bed rather than a double. Also, it meant I couldn’t unpack. So I sort of camped out in that room Friday and Saturday night. Now, I’ve just finished moving in to my real room, and it’s not a problem anymore. (I belatedly realized that I don’t have hangars, DUH, so nothing is hung up yet. But the bed is made, and some of my stuff is away.)

So Saturday I did some exploring. I found the local Foodtown, and walked the nearest Fun Street. Which is less fun than anticipated, but still fine. I did some grocery shopping, and spent a while ogling the fresh veggies and fruit at the sort of cheaper, very large and permanant fruitstand next to Foodtown. I manfully resisted buying fruit I probably wouldn’t get around to eating.

I can’t quite figure out prices here. They seem expensive, until I realize that everything (nearly) is per KG, instead of per POUND. Except for the things that are per 100g, and then those really are expensive. (Cheese = really pricey. I = very sad about that.)

I might have a part timey job. Other than the extra thing. Which is to say, I might be working one day a weekend for a coffeeshop. Which, whatever, not that awesome but see above re: ideas about earning money. I’m not broke, or anything, I just feel sort of twitchy not having any money coming in and yet having to purchase expensive things like food and accommodations. I have’t heard back from 3Media yet, which doesn’t really seem good. On the other hand, I’m DIRECTLY across from a publishing company in my new place. It’s one of the ones I emailed before, and while they didn’t say “Oh yes, come right in, have we got a job for YOU!” they also didn’t a) not respond or b) give me a flat no. They sent me a sort of wishywashy, “Oh, well, probably not? but.. give us a call anyway,” email. So I’m going to email them today, and call them (or just wander over) on Monday in nice clothing.