Best not to ask.

I’m considering getting a cell phone. They have some cheap ones, that I could use on a pay-as-you-go plan. They’re .. sort of reasonable, if you squint, and I think it would be hugely convenient to have one. Also, since Vodafone is basically the only service provider, they don’t bother to lock the phone. I could use it in the US, and probably Japan too. (Well. I think I can only use it in Japan if I get the more expensive 3G one, as Japan is all Technologically Advanced.) Still, useful.

I looked at the one competitor, Telecom. Only they don’t use SIM cards in their phones, so they can ONLY be used in NZ. Which, y’know, is super dumb.

In other news, nothing I looked at today was successful. Still, there’s the slightly distant place, which is nice and probably where I’m going to live. I’ve decided that unless they write back and reveal a bunch of reasons I shouldn’t live there, I’m going to take it. Mostly, I’m just sick of looking at places that are completely disappointing.

The most common problem is showing up at a place described as “furnished” only to discover that it has everything except a bed. Who the hell carts a BED around everywhere they go?