at the end of this seemingly infinite Hostel Tunnel.

The people I was so enthusiastic about living with decided to pick the other person who came to look at the flat. I’m not sure why – maybe she actually had a job, or something? Or was a bit older? It was a damn shame, because they looked like such a nice place to live.

Still, I’ve continued searching. I went to three different places today. One, the cheapest, was really not very nice. It was basically a hostel where I had a room to myself. Associated with that was a) it wasn’t at all clean and b) the people seemed like they might be a bit crazy – and not in the exciting and fun way.

The second was the most expensive – $190 per week, though I’m pretty sure that includes all power/water/etc, which makes it not bad – and was really nice. There’s basically one downfall, which is that it’s a bit far from the city center. My Job Possibility would really be too far to walk, though there seems to be a bus option quite close by. I’m leaning towards this one. It’s got communal baths and kitchen, but the rooms are bigger than the cheap place, everything’s clean, and I’d get a little fridge in my room so I wouldn’t have to worry about people stealing my food – or just losing it in the fridge.

The third is sort of a mix of good and bad points. Good: smack dab in the city. Good: roommate. Good: walking distance to everything. Bad: tiny. Bad: roommate moves away in March, leaving me with an empty room and an overpriced place for a month, or the hassle of trying to find somebody to share it. Bad: only one roommate, doesn’t seem that tidy, might be psychotic.

Anyway, I just bought a week’s worth of time here at the hostel, when I thought I was going to live at the place in Parnell and not be able to move in for a week. So I’ve got some time to look at other places and ponder. Though the girl trying to rent her room in the city will probably go with somebody else if I don’t get back to her pronto. Still… I don’t really want the hassle of trying to find somebody at the end of my stay. I’ll want to enjoy the end of my stay.

In Job Related news, I haven’t heard from 3Media yet. This is not surprising, as they said they were “also looking at other applicants” and would get back to me mid-to-end of next week. I remain cautiously optimistic, and if I haven’t heard anything by Thursday of next week, I’ll give them a call.

The thing with the theatre didn’t go quite so well. Logically, their theatre season is the opposite of ours: starts in Feb/March and goes through November. So their last show is happening now, they’re generally winding down, and they won’t really have anything for me until maybe January, when they start working on their Summer Program. Still, I think I made a good impression, and they’ve got my contact information. I’ve made it clear that I’m happy to volunteer my time. Lynne, who I spoke to, suggested that if I wasn’t tied to Auckland, I could go down to Wellington and see about working for a theatre festival that’s going to happen January-ish. I rather like Auckland though, and that would just mean starting the whole search for housing all over again. Not to mention that they’d probably want to interview me before agreeing to anything, and if they declined, I’d have gone all that way for no reason.

Wellington doesn’t seem to be any cheaper, either, and it’s definitely a smaller city.

All my annoying little problems suddenly seem paltry in comparison to one of the girls in the hostel. Apparently, she fell of the back of a moped a few days ago, and burned her leg on the exhaust pipe. Now, she’s got some weird tropical infection, she’s had to cancel a leg of her trip, she can’t walk much because it really hurts after being, I dunno, irrigated at the doctor’s today, and she’s not going to see Auckland much at all. Apparently, her mom is going to fly out from England and she’s going to get a room at a hotel. I think this is probably a good plan – if the infection clears up, she and her mom can see Auckland together, and if it doesn’t she’s got somebody to take care of her while she’s in a hell of a lot of pain.

In cheerier news, I bought some really delicious soda bread at the Farmer’s Market this morning. It’s not that great a market for veggies, but they’ve got a couple of people with fresh bread. I guess I could make my own soda bread, but … not in the hostel. The kitchen just isn’t that nice that I want to spend that much time in it.