How much did I walk today? SO MUCH.
How burned did I get today? SO BURNED.
How elated am I? …are we seeing a pattern here?

I started walking at 11 this morning. I walked over to Ponsonby from the city center, walked up Ponsonby Rd, (found Il Buco, which was named the Best Takeout Pizza Joint in Greater Auckland, and if I hadn’t already purchased food to eat for lunch, I would have gotten some) and generally wandered around for a couple hours. I found an Asian grocery that had spices at BARGAIN prices – 100g of curry powder for NZ$2!

I got sort of lost at one point. Fortunately, the Sky Tower is basically the tallest thing in Auckland, and makes for an incredibly distinctive and useful reference point. Even when I don’t know where I am, I know how to get home. Or, y’know, to my hostel.

I spent some time at the public Library today, looking up how to get places on Google Maps and writing emails about housing and trying to get information out of Interac. That generally failed, but it let me sit down for a while and kill some time until I was supposed to meet potential housemates at 5:30.

*sigh* I haven’t been having that much luck with housing, actually. The people I was going to live with on Hobson for NZ$90 pw didn’t show to the signing of the contract a couple days ago. I was about ready to explode, though fortunately I hadn’t actually brought my belongings.

The people on Seafield View were… well. I only met one of them. He was very well dressed, but the house was really, really not. Outside, it had approximately zero street appeal. Of course, I was only going to pay NZ$145 pw, so I shouldn’t be picky, but it wasn’t any better inside. The area was really dull, the nearest big street, Grafton, featured a) a hospital and b) a cemetary, and I later heard it was a hangout for druggies. AWESOME. It was filthy inside, and as it turned out, the room wouldn’t be open for two weeks.

I respectfully declined their filthy awful house, though I guess the guy is going to talk to the person moving out, and if that person magically disappears in the next couple days he’s going to email me.

I was so disappointed in this place – that sounded so awesome on the ‘net! Cheap! Everything included! Even unlimited internet access! Super close to the place where I’m *maybe* working!

It was so awful that I just about decided not to go to a place a little bit further along. I didn’t much like Grafton, and figured I’d try looking in Ponsonby, where I had much more fun walking earlier today. I thought that Parnell would be just as bad as Grafton. I came back to my hostel, and I was going to write an email to the people in Parnell saying that it was just too far away from the city center for me. But I talked to the front desk people, and they said that no, no, Grafton was awful. But Parnell was cool, and much nicer, and that I could walk through Auckland Domain to get to work during the day. (But stay out at night.)

Auckland Domain is sort of the NZ version, it seems, of Central Park. By which I mean it is huge, and green, but a bit dodgy at night.

So I strapped back on my walking shoes, and went off to Parnell, and met the people I’m pretty damn sure will be my new housemates. Their apartment also has zero street appeal – and I nearly didn’t even go it. When I say zero? I mean zero.

But the inside is really nice and inviting, the rent is NZ $165 pw, everything except food included. The ‘net is limited to something like 4 gigs a month, but that mostly just means that I can’t download my tv shows. I can live with that. They’re meeting somebody else tonight, and I can’t move in there until next Sunday, but y’know? I don’t care. This place is so much nicer than any other place I’ve seen. Unless they decide to go with mystery housemate Number Two, this is my new home.

Which is not to say that I’m not going to investigate other options or anything – I found an agency while walking over to Parnell with some potential singles to rent. They’ve got a toll free number, and I’ll call that tomorrow. Still, odds are that they won’t have anything better.

I don’t know what I’ll do if J sends me an email about the place for $90. I’d have to think really hard. I mean, $90 is even better than $165. And, well, it is closer to town. I think the people in Parnell might be better to live with, despite potential couple-awkwardness. Still, I’d feel bad ditching J when I think he’s a pretty cool guy. A pretty cool guy with definite friend potential.

In other news, I’m meeting the woman from the Auckland Theatre Company tomorrow for coffee. With any luck, she’ll have some sort of work for me to do. With even more luck, she might be able to pay me for that work. But even if she can’t, I’d really be happy just to help out. I’m also going to look into working for the public library – I think it was the Parnell branch that had an opening for Library Assistant.