Despite the trials and tribulations of actually getting here it’s been Totally Goddamn Cool. I spent the first day exploring Queen St and the Quay and calling repeatedly about my luggage. Next day, I called repeatedly about my luggage some more, set off to find the theatre I might be volunteering at, the media company I might be working at, and the flat I might be living at. (Verdict: theatre doesn’t seem to have performing space, kind of sketchy. Media Company = AWESOME. Flat = fugly building, but $90/week = SO CHEAP FTW.)

When I was walking around on Friday, I saw a sign that advertising a Saturday farmers market. So Saturday I went, only to discover that there was a Diwali festival happening that day too. So I bought some gouda, and thought about buying some avocado honey (but decided to wait until I had, y’know, a home and a pantry) and ate a croissant. I watched tiny Indian girls dancing in the evening at the festival – part of the under-15 dance contest, they were FIVE and SO CUTE. I tried to take a video, but I don’t think it turned out very well.

I got my luggage, which was nice, because I was really cold (it’s 60ish degrees here, and I was coming from 80 degrees, though I did have pants and a scarf in preparation for Spring.) It had also started raining while I was out, and the chance to get out of my damp stuff was very, very welcome.

Side note: I’m writing this now from the common room, which has Extreme Wrestling on the tv. I’ve never actually seen this for any length of time before – these people are surprisingly skilled. I mean, not at actually fighting, though they might have some of those skills too. But they’ve got some great muscles, and some of them, at least, are pretty acrobatic. I just saw one guy do some crazy triple spin kick thing that would not be out of place in a kung fu movie.

My place of potential work is kind of distant. (Okay, it’s like 1.5km. From my hostel, not from my place of potential living. But it’s uphill, and I anticipate walking there in heels and suit, so…) Which is actually a really nice benefit of the super cheap place on Hobson st, because it’s probably only half the distance from work.

Side note the second: this particular wrestling episode has a politics theme: “Your approval rating sucks!” This is hilarious.

I’m debating getting a cell phone. I’ve got to ponder more. If I bought a cell here, I’d be able to use it back home. But that’s assuming I would be back home for any length of time. Which, I might not be if I went to Japan. And Japan is all Technologically Advanced, so any phone I could use in the US wouldn’t work there. Also, pay-as-you-go is NZ$.89 a minute. Which okay, is only $.67 in US money, but that still seems like kind of a lot.

Final Wrestling note: Now there are girls in the ring. And one of them is wearing spandex pants with mukluks, and the other has bellbottoms on which are made of LACE below the knee. How did I not know this stuff was so insane?