My plane isn’t here yet. But – according to the auguries – it will arrive in time for an 8pm departure. So I should be in LA in time to fly to Fiji at 11:30.

If I am delayed, and miss my flight? I will cut somebody. I’ve already played that game, and screw that, never again.

I’m a little shaky about this. Nervous. I was going to distract myself from potential impending death by calling people on the phone. But because I am an Intellectual Giant, I forgot my cell phone at home. (This really isn’t a problem, I was just going to have to keep track of it like an unattractive paperweight for the next 6 months anyway.)

I fiddled with my luggage some more. I took some stuff out, made a little more room, and thought I was totally done. And about 10 minutes before I left, I realized my suitcase only had one wheel. *headdesk* Frantic repacking in entirely new suitcase ensues, accomplished in approximately 3 minutes. How good am I? That good.

Okay people: the hour of reckoning is here. I’m really, truly doing this.